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Passover 2021: March 27- April 3

Mah Nishtanah?  

Last year on Passover, we encountered the classic holiday question, "Mah Nishtanah HaLailah Hazeh" - what makes this night different - instead as "Mah Nishntanah HaShanah HaZot?" - what is different about this particular year?   We believed that this would be our only year of zoom seders and social distancing and that by this time, this year, we would be back together in person for our usual passover festivities.  This year, we are reminded of a different phrase, this time in Yiddish:  Mensch tacht, Got lacht - man plans, God laughs.  We may not be able to accurately predict exactly what the next weeks and months hold, but as always Passover reminds us that even in times of difficulty, we always have great cause for hope.
Below you will find many resources - some created last year and still applicable to this second pandemic Passover, some created this year, and some that might be helpful in any year.  Again this year we will say not only "Next year in Jerusalem," but also "Next year together."  May each of you - and all those you love - have a meaningful Passover however you celebrate this year.  May we have the joy of coming together in person next year, and in each future year.  How sweet and how uplifting it will be!
Please CLICK HERE for a letter from Rabbi Segal and her husband, Rabbi Scott Segal.  This letter contains TONS of ideas for seders and Passover celebrations of all sorts: solo seders, tiny seders, zoom/facetime seders, alternative seders, and ideas for kids and families. 

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