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History is unfolding before our eyes. If you're in need of assistance or would like to help others during this unprecedented time peruse the resources below. 

Take Action

The Good Neighbor Network connects locals who can help with locals who are in need. To start using this tool, all you need is a valid email address, as all connections and communications are made via email. To join the effort click here.

Get Help

The Aspen Community Foundation has assembled a comprehensive list of the spectrum of resources available to those in need in our community. It includes information about: medical care, mental health, food, housing, utilities, financial assistance, legal, childcare, and more. Learn more by visiting
If you are in need of a listening ear or simply would enjoy chatting and catching up one-on-one with Rabbi Segal, please schedule a virtual coffee time with her. You can select a time from Rabbi Segal's schedule that works well for you by clicking this link. If you have challenges with this scheduling tool please reach out to Rabbi Segal directly.


La Medichi
Local, sustainable, support for our community distributed directly to those in need.
Your donation will directly support our underserved neighbors and community members. MANAUS is a trusted community organization and resource since 2005 and is a 501c3. MANAUS is dispersing the MANAUS Emergency Fund directly through LaMedichi, a savings and credit club specifically designed to financially support those who otherwise do not have access to public or traditional funds. The MANAUS Emergency Fund is supported by its sister organization, Valley Settlement, as well as the Aspen Community Foundation’s 2020 Rescue Fund and Colorado Trust, in addition to our generous donors. To support their work, click here.
The AJC is a longstanding collaborator with MANAUS and its efforts to improve our valley-wide community. For more information about MANAUS and LaMedichi you can contact AJC congregants William Brown  or Jon Fox-Rubin.
Senior Matters: Valley Meals and More programs
Valley Meals and More is a local organization, started by AJC congregants, organized and managed by locals, for the benefit of locals in the Roaring Fork Valley.We are here to provide services and connections where there were none or few. We recognize that older adults are a valuable part of our community and we want to support their ability to live among us and thrive. They provide: home delivered meals, rides, friendly visits, care calls, and more. To support their work, click here.
Aspen Community Foundation
Aspen Community Foundation’s (ACF) service area spans an 80-mile corridor along the Roaring Fork and Colorado rivers. Home to many working-class families struggling financially, ACF works to increase youth success across our region through community partnerships and philanthropy.Through its broad perspective of the region, and depth and breadth of knowledge of community trends, issues, and needs, ACF works with donors to direct funding where it is needed most. To support their work, click here.
Tom’s Door
The mission of Tom’s Door is to provide emergency assistance from Rifle to Aspen, to those in need and who have the potential to improve their quality of life.Those who receive aid from Tom’s Door have been carefully screened. We are often the last resort for these individuals when all other available resources have been exhausted.Our typical contribution to any one family is approximately $300 with the majority given for short term rental or rental-deposit assistance. To support their work, click here.


Sun, November 28 2021 24 Kislev 5782