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Word of Torah


Written by: Jason Schnissel

Parashat Korach


This week’s Torah portion is Parashat Korach. For those not familiar with the Parasha it is named after Korach, who along with his brother Dathan, lead a rebellion against the leadership of Moses and Aaron. The revolt is unsuccessful and as a punishment God buries the rebels and their families alive. While writing this Word of Torah, I cannot help myself but to draw a direct connection to a more modern rebellion, the one that occurred this past January 6th in our nation’s Capital.
In writing this piece I want to draw a distinct difference between politics and criminal behavior. That is to say, regardless of political affiliation when a crime is committed justice is warranted. In the case of Korach and his followers, the justice delivered by the Almighty was swift and of the most harsh possibilities. However, it is the second half of the portion that helps to squash further civil disruptions.  
In the second half of Korach, the Kohanim and Levites are established and assigned the responsibility of managing the donations to the Sanctuary. All of the firstborn offerings shall go to the priests and all the tithes are designated for the Levites in return for the services they perform. In establishing the roles of these tribes, a greater sense of order is provided to the wandering Israelites. With known roles, power is expanded beyond just Moses and Aaron and distributed among the people. As the testimony continues among the January 6th committee our nation’s greatest takeaway would be the establishment of greater order. While crimes may have been committed if the final outcome is that structures are put in places so that such an incident never occurs in our democratic society I would be personally satisfied. As we broach July 4th, I hope you get to enjoy copious amounts of BBQ and red, white and blue but let us each remember that freedom is hard won and that if we hope for this American experiment in Democracy to last that we must live in a society that is ordered and revered.   
Sun, July 3 2022 4 Tammuz 5782